Anastasia’s affirmations

I remind myself to breathe and smile.

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October 21st, 2013, posted by PetMassage

Anastasia’s affirmation

I am willing to stay in the now (present time).

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October 21st, 2013, posted by PetMassage

Anastasia’s Affirmation

I compliment others and energetically I compliment myself.

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October 21st, 2013, posted by PetMassage


There is a Hawaiian meditation called Ho’oponopono, which means to make it right with the ancestors, or to make right with the people with whom you have relationships. (The original purpose of Ho’oponopono was to correct the wrongs that had occurred in someone’s life including Hala (to miss the thing aimed for, or to err, to disobey) and Hewa (to go overboard or to do something to excess) which were illusions, and ‘Ino (to do harm, implying to do harm to someone with hate in mind), even if accidental. In the simplest form of this practice one holds the incident in their mind and repeats the mantra: I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you, I thank you.

This morning on a walk with the dogs we passed a house where a friend of mine used to live. I found myself ruminating about a regrettable comment I’d made to him at a dinner party. I’d derided him, thinking that this was humorous and I’d unintentionally insulted him. I recalled the hurt in his eyes. And I relived the experience, there, in front of where he used to live so many years ago. And there, on the sidewalk, happy healthy dogs in hand, under a clear blue sky, the morning dew sparkling under the shining sun, I began to beat myself up.

How could I have been so insensitive? I’d simply followed patterns I’d witnessed from my parents. I know now, that at the time, it had been my way of dealing with my discomfort of saying what I really wanted to say. Speaking my “truth.” That is, you are so smart and talented. And, I really admire you and value your insights. This corrupt tape has played in my mind so many times! Too many. It is time to resolve this. Refresh the page.

The dogs stretched their leashes taught trying to get to a squirrel; and I realized I could stretch my restraints, too. It is time that I forgive myself. Open space in my mind for new creative thoughts. And so, I tell myself: I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you, and, I thank you.

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October 21st, 2013, posted by PetMassage

Fascial tissue is not Kleenex.

That’s facial tissue. Fascial tissue is the organ of shape…the organ of support.

Bones are just spacers, like the columns of a bridge. Think of the dog’s body as a suspension bridge. (Based on the theory of Rolfing) PetMassage works on the fascia.

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October 11th, 2013, posted by PetMassage

Anastasia’s Affirmation

My positive attitude creates my successful business.


October 11th, 2013, posted by PetMassage

What is PetMassage

PetMassageTM Training and Research Institute has many facets.

  • It is a trademarked modality of canine massage.
  • It is a pioneer and leader in the field of canine massage therapy.
  • It is a world renowned school that teaches professional level dry canine massage.
  • It is a world renowned school that teaches PetMassage WaterWork: canine bodywork in water.
  • It is a source for media education about the benefits, need, and demand for canine massage.
  • It publishes research papers that enrich PetMassageTM students understanding of canine anatomy and kinesiology and shares them with everyone.
  • It provides study materials for dog owners to learn PetMassageTM as part of daily pet care.
  • It publishes original PetMassageTM books, DVDs and charts.
  • It offers Distance Learning opportunities.
  • It provides individual professional instruction to PetMassageTM students.
  • It provides ongoing support to PetMassageTM workshop graduates.
  • It developed the popular PetMassageTM for Kids scout, camp, and afterschool programs.
  • It provides accredited courses for continuing education credits for LMTs and RVTs.
  • It provides the training, licensing, and mentoring for students to achieve the level of instructor and operate independent satellite PetMassageTM schools.
  • Learn to PetMassageTM your own dogs.
  • Create a business providing the services of PetMassageTM for Dogs.
  • Teach children PetMassageTM.
  • Become a Licensed Instructor in your own PetMassageTM Satellite School.

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October 7th, 2013, posted by PetMassage

Smell you

Here’s another helpful tip for your canine massage:

The dog you have in your hands is able to smell the emotional substrata (like that word?) of your thoughts. 

Your blood, saliva and perspiration all contain chemicals; each of which is notable for its unique frequency ,,, and aroma. Every thought you have is supported by a flood of hormones that subtly shift the pH of your body and affect your blood pressure. Sour mouth indicates indigestion, fear, and stress; acidic sweat indicates nervousness, disease and stress. High blood pressure indicates nervousness, anxiety, and stress. Did we mention “stress?” These are all examples of restrictive signals the dog may interpret as your reaction to imminent danger.

The rate and depth of your breathing suggest whatmight be occupying your thoughts. Quick shallow breathing indicates holding back, a unwillingness to commit, or pain. Slow, deep – diaphragmatic breathing, engages the air volume in the lower lobes of your lungs, and indicates openness, expansiveness, freedom of movement (speech and assembly), and a more effective – and healthy – oxygenation of the body and mind. 

The concoction that your dog smells provides vital information that your dog interprets to gauge his and your safety.

A friend of mine once exclaimed, cleverly offering a compliment, “Well, smell you!”

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Here’s another helpful hint for your PetMassage:

Singing or toning produces healing endorphins that flow through your body. Your dog’s vibration will synergize with yours. Toning can add that extra boost to your session.

Just be clear that the sounds you create are for session ambience. As soon as you start thinking about the implications that the lyrics have for your life, your connection with the dog breaks.

? “You are so beau-ti-ful … to me…Can’t you see-ee-ee-ee-ee-eee? Yeah.” ?

“Om” and “ahh” always work.


October 3rd, 2013, posted by PetMassage

Anastasia’s Affirmation

I am empowered, happy and successful.


October 3rd, 2013, posted by PetMassage