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Workshop Certificate of Course Completion

CEU information for all PetMassage™ workshops is as follows:

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Certificate of Course Completion CEUs
Foundation Workshop Provider Level 100
6-Day Advanced Workshop Practitioner Level 100
5-Day WaterWork Workshop Wet Dog Level 100

About Certificate of Course Completion:

PetMassage™ offers a Certificate of Course Completion for each segment level of training: Foundation, Advanced, WaterWork and PetMassage™ Satellite School Instructor Training.

Certificates are offered by schools for having completed their courses. This documentation states that the student has satisfied their course requirements. Schools prove themselves to outside agencies by demonstrating that they can teach at a level considered professional by animal massage and bodywork peers.

PetMassage™ Foundation Workshop earns 100 CEUs, enough to qualify for membership in the IAAMB/ACWT and to obtain Practice Liability Insurance.

PetMassage™ Foundation and Advanced workshops equal 200 course hours and are credited towards requisite hours to sit for the newly created National Certification online test.

PetMassage™ is recognized by the NCBTMB (National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork) as continuing education provider #285813-00.

PetMassage™ is recognized by RAIVE, the Registry for Alternative and Integrative Veterinary Education, as an approved provider of continuing education. The Foundation Workshop earns 28 CEs for the RVT.

The freshly revised and extended PetMassage™ Advanced Workshop (now 100 hours) includes specialized focus on the canine anatomy, vocabulary, and canine pathology that will be a major part of the content in the National Certification test.

PetMassage™ is a founding member and Preferred Education Provider of the IAAMB/ACWT (International Association of Animal Massage and Bodywork/Association of Canine Water Therapy) and is recognized by the ABMP (Association of Bodywork and Massage Professionals) and the AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association).


Workshops at a Glance - 2013-2014 Schedule


Foundation Workshop

This is for massage therapists and pet care professionals, as well as people who are in "vocational transition" and would like to learn PetMassage™ to create businesses.

You will experience four days of intensive, on site, hands-on instruction with Jonathan Rudinger. The canine anatomy and business marketing modules are better adapted to distance learning courses.

In this course, students prepare before the workshop, by learning the content of the PetMassage™ for Dogs 1 and 2 DVDs and Art and Essence of Canine Massage, PetMassage™ for Dogs, Creating and Marketing Your Animal Massage Business and Dog Anatomy Coloring Atlas are the texts for Distance Learning modules. This gives you a foundation for the large volume of information you will receive through (discussion style) lectures and individual, hands-on instruction working with dogs.

We discuss, demonstrate, and practice and then you return-demonstrate your understanding and practice of massage, energy and body mechanics, theory and techniques. The instruction is supportive, encouraging and geared to helping you to discover and develop your own personal massage form. The Distance Learning module on anatomy and physiology of the dog is as it applies to the practice of PetMassage™. It describes how PetMassage™ can affect body systems.  The Creating and Marketing Your Canine Massage Business module provides a valuable roadmap for your professional success.

For your benefit and the benefit of your fellow students we ask that you study the 2 PetMassage™ DVDs and the book, Art and Essence of Canine Massage, PetMassage™ for Dogs, before attending the workshop.  

PLEASE NOTE:  You will get more out the workshop experience when you complete Sections 1-7 of the Canine Anatomy module prior to attending the on-site workshop. Please email your completed sections 1-7 to workshops@petmassage.com at least 2 weeks before your hands-on workshop. Your assignment for Section 8 will be arranged while you are attending the workshop.

Also included are basic canine-human communication skills and a field trip to the ASPCA to hone your skills while helping the dogs in residence there.

Your certificate of course completion is awarded upon completion of the hands-on workshop, a take-home test based on the hands-on portion, documentation of ten canine massages, including a video of one of your canine massage sessions, your (distance learning) canine anatomy module and your (distance learning) creating and marketing your canine massage business module.

  • The certificate of Course Completion for the Foundation Workshop is our Provider Level.
  • 100 CEUs NCMTMB (NCBTMB continuing education provider #285813-00)
  • 200 Contact hours


6-Day Advanced PetMassage™ for Dogs Workshop

6-Day Advanced PetMassage™ for Dogs WorkshopThis course is designed to assist you further along your personal journey through your PetMassage™ practice. This workshop is for people who have already completed the Foundation workshop. PetMassage™ students continue physiology & anatomy studies, review, update and learn additional skills and more techniques to expand their PetMassage™ businesses. This course will put you on the track toward becoming a PetMassage™ Satellite School Instructor.

The texts for the Advanced PetMassage™ for Dogs Workshop include the book PetMassage™ Energy Work for Dogs, plus additional small animal anatomy and physiology reference books and course syllabus.

The PetMassage™ Advanced workshop prepares students for the National Certification Test. With the completion of the Foundation and Advanced workshop you will have received 200 contact hours of instruction, making you eligible to apply for the NBCAAM certification program/test.

The prerequisites for this course are completion of the Foundation workshop and a minimum of 2 months experience since taking the first workshop.

The PetMassage™Energy Work with Dogs Home Study course may not be substituted for the hands-on workshop.

  • The certificate of Course Completion for the 6-Day Advanced Workshop is Practitioner level.
  • 100 CEUs NCMTMB (NCBTMB continuing education provider #285813-00)
  • 100 contact hours



5-Day WaterWork Workshop

In the new field of canine rehabilitation (U. of Tenn., Canine Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy, Millis, Levine, and Taylor), two procedures are prominent in practically every program: massage and swimming. PetMassage WaterWork™ can be included with, and can enhance, many veterinary post-surgical and non-surgical rehabilitation regimens.

Imagine yourself shoulder deep in a large heated pool, holding a dog, suspended in water. You guide the dog’s body in your arms in large, sweeping movements across the surface of the water. Watch the ripples on the surface. Feel how the water drags and drifts the coat and body. Imagine the dynamics, flexibility, and therapeutic value that this dog is getting while being moved about in the warm, non-weight bearing, water.

In your hands, the dog relaxes. As you move, integumentary (skin and coat) and musculoskeletal structures float into and away from each other. Restrictions from holding patterns release. Alternative neuromuscular systems engage. Your dog experiences his body WaterWorking: joyful, relaxing, rejuvenating, rebalancing, reconditioning, resoundingly and amazingly therapeutic and beneficial. This is PetMassage™ WaterWork™!

With the PetMassage™ training and skills you've learned your presence projects a sense of safety and security for the dog, resolving whatever fears and apprehensions he may have exhibited when first entering the water.

This is a very specialized class that helps students develop skills to massage dogs in water. This is now the Age of Aquarius. Learn about water's dynamics, flexibility and therapeutic value. Learn how to move in it and be moved by it to expand beyond your land-based spiritual connection. These skills and perspectives will place you in the vanguard of a new "wave" of awareness and appreciation of the power of water and its yin characteristic.

In water, a practitioner's interactions with their dogs, their body mechanics, their dogs' muscle, joint and fascia movement are all very different from dry PetMassage™. Although based on the training from the Foundation and Advanced workshops, PetMassage™ WaterWork for Dogs, has a fundamentally different orientation, skill set and method of application and reception. It is so different that we have expanded the class to five days, and no prerequisites.

You will learn PetMassage™ “dry” massage and body mechanics for two days to prepare you for the three remaining days you will practice in our heated indoor pool.

All workshops are held at the PetMassage™ Training and Research Institute, Toledo OH. The PetMassage™ WaterWork parts of the course are held in the PetMassage™ large indoor, heated pool. The text for this course is the PetMassage™ WaterWork for Dogs class syllabus, which students receive on-site at the workshop.

You are welcome to attend this workshop, even without having taken other PetMassage™ courses. We will teach you what we feel you need to know and assist you in developing your personal style in the practice of PetMassage™ WaterWork with dogs. You will learn PetMassage™ skills to use in indoor and backyard pools.

Email us to request a brochure describing what you can expect and what to bring to the workshop.

Check the Workshop schedule to find the dates that work best for you. Class sizes are limited, so call now to reserve your place in the pool.

  • The certificate of Course Completion for the 5-Day WaterWork Workshop is Wet-dog level.
  • 100 CEUs NCMTMB (NCBTMB continuing education provider #285813-00)
  • 100 contact hours

NOTE: 100 hours qualifies you to become a member of the IAAMB/ACWT. With your membership you will be able to obtain Professional Practice Liability Insurance.